Our markets and programs would not be possible without the work and dedication to responsible farming from our local family farmers. 

For every $1 of produce purchased at your average supermarket, a mere $0.16 ends up back in the hands of the farmer who grew that food. 

Conversely, farmers markets, without the added middlemen and extraneous marketing costs, allow farmers to capture the greatest share of revenue on every piece of produce sold. 

When farmers have the opportunity earn more profit, they make more money.  With more income, they don't need to resort to cost-cutting, cheap production methods that have damaging effects on our food and environment. The consumer ends up with higher quality food. 

CFW is proud to create markets that serve farmers from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Moreover, our access programs give low-income residents greater food purchasing power, helping expand the urban customer-base for local farmers even more.