Seniors suffer disproportionately from hunger or food insecurity according to an assessment conducted by DC’s Capital Area Food Bank, due largely to the deadly combination of high rates of poverty and low mobility that result in immense social isolation. Columbia Heights is home to a large community of SNAP-receiving senior residents; as aging adults living independently, their monthly SNAP allowance is minimal and does not provide sufficient means to regularly purchase fresh food from the farmers market, even with the use of matching funds.

With operations for a regular and subsidized SNAP CSA effectively in place, the Columbia Heights Market Share was able to quickly implement a pilot to deliver CSA bags to 35 homebound seniors on a weekly basis. 

In partnership with We Are Family, a local senior care network, Community Foodworks created a home-delivery CSA program for  homebound and limited mobility seniors. Through the program, seniors could access deep discounts on the cost of fresh produce, and relieve the physical challenge of getting to and from the market.

Bags typically included two fruits and two vegetables, both easy-to use and in appropriate portion sizes.