As many as 1 million veterans nationwide live with diabetes in addition to other diet-related conditions. There are currently no nutrition incentive programs tailored specifically for veterans. 

Community Foodworks piloted a Veterans Vegetable Prescription Program as incentive in late 2015. V2Rx was designed to encourage veteran participation in their local farmers market while ensuring they receive subsidized access to fresh, local food. 

We partnered with a local branch of the VA's Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC) to distribute weekly fruit and vegetable vouchers to eligible veterans who were interested in and able to receiving fresh food support. Vouchers were provided based on household size (between $5-$15 per week; Vets were able to redeem vouchers at the Brookland Farmers market during regular Saturday hours. Additionally, veterans who received SNAP benefits were entitled to receive CFW's Bonus Bucks incentive to match the SNAP value they used at the market.